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Decorating A Home Office To Maximize Work Space

by Simple Happy Home

A home office is a sacred space that can either be designed and decorated to inspire and increase productivity or just crammed in a closet in the hopes that burrowing oneself away will prevent distraction and things can be accomplished.

However, psychologically speaking, the design of a home office is vital to the work that is created within the walls. The design flow can literally expedite work and create a space that is enjoyable to work in, which in turn creates better, more creative work.

When decorating a home office, start with the basics. The desk, filing cabinet, printer, fax machine, and all other pertinent work space materials should be the focus of the room. By placing the desk where work space will be optimized (such as in front of a window for some and away from the window for others) the room can be created to draw away from the desk.

From there, creative inspiration becomes the key focus. This isn’t just for those who are in creative fields.

Creative inspiration works just as well for the business person as it does the writer, the inspiration is different. After all, we all work for a goal. By interweaving that goal into our workspace, we can create more efficient places to work because we’ve given ourselves a psychological advantage by surrounding our psyche with décor which motivates us.

To draw the room together as more than just a collage of inspiration, home office décor should also correspond with each other. If you choose a classic theme and add to the décor with classic nautical pieces, the entire room should reflect the same theme. Using one piece of classic nautical and one piece of new age and so on only creates confusion and in-cohesiveness, which psychologically detracts from the room’s inspiration.

Additionally, a home office is used for peaceful working on projects that are not motivated by monetary gain, such as personal journaling, reading, and self improvement. A chaotic home office is really not conducive to this sort of creative energy.

Lighting is vital in any room of the house, but a home office that is dimly lit is very unhealthy for the eyes. While overhead fluorescent lighting will make it seem too much like the office away from home, a few strong, preferably adjustable lights can add to the décor while providing adequate lighting.

Three way floor lamps work well while you are off hunting the perfect lighting for your home office. However, floor lighting generally doesn’t provide direct lighting over a keyboard or desk. Pendulum lamps can be positioned to add to the room while providing good overhead lighting. Fortunately, pendulum lighting is becoming sleeker in design, which is very good for home office decor.

When piecing together your home office, go with what “speaks” to you in a calming yet inspiring manner. You can really make a home office personal and somewhat private, as very few people include the home office in a home tour. If you want to be surrounded by play and fantasy, a few pewter dragons can add class to the fantastic. At the same time, if you want to be surrounded by images from your social media feed or other imagery, then you could consider Photo Mosaic Wall Hire, whereby you can have live images on your wall and seek inspiration from them.

You could even display your favourite watercolor paintings of the beach, then you can bring the beach home to you. You can even add a driftwood sand box to a corner of the room and offset it with shells if that what makes you feel like you’re in your prime.

We can not always surround ourselves in the world that soothes us and makes us feel at peace. The home office decorating quest is a perfect place to allow the décor to take on a world of its own.

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