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Beach Decor Has Endless Possibilities

by Simple Happy Home

From muted and tranquil to bright and tropical the beaches of the world offer an endless array of possibilities for decorating your home. The colors and type of beach decor you choose to use will define the theme. Regardless of which style you prefer beach themed decorating involves the use of natural materials.

* Seashells are an universal symbol of the beach. They can be used in a beach themed home in unlimited ways. Picture frames embellished with seashells are perfect for those special vacation pictures. Put them out where you can see them because you know they’ll make you smile! Display shells that you’ve collected or purchased in glass containers or vintage frames. Mirrors surrounded by seashells are a classy and fun way to bring a bit of the beach into any space in your home. Just think how much more interesting a space would be if you just replaced the existing mirror with one showcasing seashells. Instant ambience!

* Organic textures are a must. Rocks, sand, grass, trees and driftwood create a lot of the atmosphere at the coast. Bring those elements into your home by using natural materials in your beach decor. Display a beautiful piece of driftwood or pebbles you’ve collected. Wreaths made from grapevine and decorated with beach themed items are a great way to bring the outdoors in. Place a woven throw in a neutral shade on a chair or couch to create texture.

* Foliage is another important element that will help create a beach atmosphere. The plants can be real or artificial depending on your ability to care for them and the climate of your home. Orchids, Birds of Paradise and hibiscus would add a pop of color. Combine these with a palm or two and you’ll feel like you’re in the tropics. Tall, wavy grasses such as pampas grass will evoke a light and airy feel. Make sure you use a combination of plants with different textures which is the way they grow at the beach.

Whatever your style preference make it your own by using things you may already have and adding unique and interesting items as you go along. Whether it’s a room or your whole house small changes through the use of beach themed accessories will make a big difference. Part of the appeal of any beach is the wide open spaces so recreate that feeling in your home by keeping your decor simple and uncluttered. You want your beach themed home to be inviting and relaxing, not cluttered and overdone. Use decor that is both calming and fun, throw in some unexpected surprises that make it unique and you are well on your way to having a home that will make everyone want to kick off their shoes and relax.

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Lori McNeil Long is passionate about all things beach related. Lori is inspired by the diversity of the beaches she visits and loves to bring the feeling of them into her home. She has created a website dedicated to beach, tropical and nautical themed decor to help you do the same in your home and garden. For ideas and inspiration visit SeabreezeDesires.com

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