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5 Reasons You Should Start a Home Vegetable Garden

by Simple Happy Home

Have you ever thought about growing some vegetables of your own in a garden? A lot of people are experimenting with growing their own food because they want to have some of their favourite fruits and veggies around the house, not to mention the health benefits and the money saving aspect!

With a small amount of research, you will find that growing your own vegetables isn’t as hard as it looks, and the things you need are relatively inexpensive. 

It’s Great for Your Health

Growing your own vegetables is really great for you. Part of the reason why is that the food that you grow at home isn’t going to be treated with the chemicals that are used to control the decay cycles of the food.

Your food will be fully nutritious and fresh because you’ll be likely to have to use a more balanced nutrient rich soil, or hydroponic system to get the garden growing.

Those nutrients will be passed to the plants which will be able to deliver their nutrition payload with every bite.

It’s a Relaxing Activity

Have you ever spent any time gardening? Most people feel that gardening is a relaxing activity, and that in itself can be great for your health because relaxation helps you to stay healthy as well.

As you spend time kneeling over your plants, you can feel a sense of pride that you’ve taken the initiative to foster the process of growth that will lead to some of the tastiest plants you’ve ever had.

They Taste Better

Have you ever had a piece of fruit from the farmers market? The consensus is that the farmers market fruits and veggies taste better than the ones from the store.

That could be for a variety of reasons, not limited to what companies spray on the food, and what they use to feed the plants.

You Know Where They Came From

Recently, it’s come out that many of the plants sold may have different origins than consumers expect. Food that comes from countries that don’t have as many safety regulations could be a serious risk of becoming contaminated at some point during transport.

When these foods make it into the population, outbreaks of foodborne illness can break out and spread further.

It Saves Money

Growing your own food saves money. When you can grow your own veggies, you can rest easy knowing that when you run out, there will be another plant waiting for you to pluck it for a freshly seasoned meal.

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