Home Decor Identifying Your Style – The First Step to Really Owning a Place

Identifying Your Style – The First Step to Really Owning a Place

by Simple Happy Home
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We always dream of owning a house or even a simple space. When we were still kids, we hope to get our own room. It makes us feel grown up. We appreciated the benefits of having an area exclusively for us. This gives privacy and an escape when we feel like being alone.

However, when we get the space we want, we do not achieve the look we desire. Of course, we all dream it to be cozy and comfortable. However, it is difficult to be specific about it. This is because of various reasons. One is that we feel incapable of having our own design. We also fear change and commitment to a color or design.

Another reason is that we do not know what we want, design wise. We are aware that we want it to look good, but we do not know what good is.

If you are one of those who deal with this same issue, it is time to identify your style. You will not identify it by not dealing with it. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Go window-shopping for furniture and decorations.

You can check the net or the local stores. One item you can look up online is the metal wall décor. See if it appeals to you. What are the patterns you like? Do you like the shades and curves?

Local stores are great as well. It can be overwhelming though. But do not worry, you are there to check out some stuff so it is all right to let your eyes feast on the furniture. Check the bigger items first. What type of couch do you like? Is it the bulky sofa or do you want the one with the clean finish? Take note of the colors that grabbed your attention too.

2. Consider your favorite color

You can use your favorite color to identify your style. It does not necessarily mean that you should have that color on the wall. If it does not suit the wall, you can consider it for the rug, drapes, and other accessories. This is a good start to pick the wall color too.

3. Check various designs

You can learn a lot from magazines. You will see many fascinating home decor there. Look at the photos. Remember, you do not have to agree with the designs. You can always comment if you do not like it.

4. Decide for your own

It is tempting to let friends decide. Although it is all right, it will not help you identify your style. So before you ask friends what they think, see to it you know what you want.

5. Visualize your home

After window-shopping, picking colors, and checking different designs, you will surely have an idea of what looks good. You can start imagining the colors of the wall, the drapes, the wall arts, and furniture. You can draw it out or write it down.

Designing your space with the look that pleases you will make you feel at home. So start identifying your design plan.

About the author: This Article was provided by Alyssa Davis who writes for an online metal wall art store that features tuscan wall decor (http://www.metal-wall-art.com/grapes-wine-wall-art.html) and fleur de lis wall decor (http://www.metal-wall-art.com/fleur-de-lis-metal-art.html).

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