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Top Essentials for a Cosy Night In

by Simple Happy Home

Even before the pandemic, I was a total homebody. The reason I started my blog ‘Simple Happy Home’ is because I value spending time in my home above all else! My ideal night is just a quiet night at home, with time to pamper myself, indulge in my favourite things and simply enjoy my own space. Here are my top essentials for a cosy night in:

Scented candles

It might be a cliche, but nothing says ‘cosy’ quite like a candle to me! The low flickering light and the small ritual of lighting it just makes the evening feel special. And of course, I love to pick scented candles for the aromatherapy benefits and the fact that it can make my home smell gorgeous for hours!

Some of the best candles I’ve found are St Eval. They’re a small company from Cornwall and they make natural, beautiful scents that really fill a room. I love the minimal tin and terracota designs too. 

Yankee Candles are another popular brand that make very long lasting scents and you can find one for any occasion!


Do you remember the classic solitaire game from the old Microsoft computers in the 90s? My mum taught me how to play this original version of the game, and I’ve had a thing for classic computer games ever since. I’ve never really gotten into modern RPG or anything, I just love those simple games and puzzles, especially those that work your mind!

You could say computer games are my guilty pleasure, and it’s something I love to indulge in on a quiet night in. I can spend a good few hours on the sofa with my laptop, tucked up under a blanket with my games.

Anyway, the other day I was feeling nostalgic for the original solitaire (lost goodness knows how many computer updates ago!) and I found this site. The classic solitaire game on the homepage scratches my solitaire itch for sure, and in addition there are so many other awesome games (all free of course).

Another of my favourites is Sudoku, and I have got hooked on this new Japanese game called Shinro which is kind of a cross between Sudoku and Minesweeper (another classic Microsoft game!) It’s a logic game where you have to place the marbles in the right spots by following the clues from the arrows and numbers up the side. I’m not going to lie, I found this one pretty tricky but once you learn how to play it is addictive and definitely gives the brain a workout!

Something to drink

I need something to sip on while I play my games and tea or hot chocolate are the top cosy choices! I have an embarrassingly huge collection of herbal teas because I love to go to the little independent health shop in town where they have a giant selection. 

There are lots of teas (or rather, infusions) that have amazing health benefits. I was drinking hibiscus tea for a while just because I like the taste and the fun colourful image of the hibiscus flower, and then I found out that it has antiviral properties and can help reduce blood pressure! How amazing is that?!

Of course, hot chocolate is probably the top choice for the cosy factor, especially in winter. You just can’t beat a proper loaded hot choccy complete with marshmallows and cream!

Cosy blankets

What cosy night in could be complete without a proper snuggly blanket or two?

I love collecting blankets and they just add that instant cosy factor to the room, slung over the back of the sofa or piled up ready to use. I especially love the aesthetic of piling up blankets in a basket like this:

I just think it looks so inviting, whether you’re home alone or expecting guests. It’s great to have enough so that all your guests or family can pick their own and get comfy when you hunker down to watch a film together.

The White Company has an amazing selection of super luxurious (but expensive!) blankets and throws, but for a budget option I also like Ikea.

What are your essentials for a cosy night in?

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Sam August 15, 2022 - 6:07 am

Scented candles are one of my go-to, also because I use them when I’m writing. I have a different candle for different parts of the day, so I know subconsciously when it’s time to really get to work, or time to relax. And Solitaire is a must-play, agreed!

Simple Happy Home August 17, 2022 - 3:33 pm

Oh I love the idea of using candles to signify different activities. Scent association is so powerful! I must give that a try 🙂


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