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Easy Home Decor Changes for Instant Impact

by Simple Happy Home

What do you do when you’re craving a new look in your home, but you don’t have the budget or time for a full-scale makeover?

Easy! We have a few tricks up our sleeve for giving your home a whole new look in no time at all, without any major work. Here are some top easy home decor changes you can make today for instant impact:

Cushions and pillows

Changing pillows is the easiest home décor difference you can make. 

Either exchange them for new ones, or shift them from room to room…you can makeover the look of any room with different pillows and cushions.

Pillows have a lot of personality, from size to shape to color and pattern.  You can use each of those traits to help your room’s style.

  • Mix the sizes and layer your cushions with a smaller one nestled into a larger one.
  • Group your pillows in 2’s and 3’s in the corner of your couch, and play with the shapes.
  • Mix your patterns with florals, stripes and prints together, or color block them for whimsy.
  • Style one color only, with many different shapes and sizes.
  • Load up a couch, daybed, chair or loveseat with every pillow you have as your collection.  Don’t be afraid of not matching.
  • Hand sew a new piece of fabric on existing pillows to get a new look, or 2 alternating looks in one.
  • Take a pillow from one room, and move it to another.  See how that changes the look.

Change your pillows with the seasons and your moods, before making any big purchasing decisions.  You might find that was all you needed to do.


Problem Solvers

A throw not only adds style to any room, but provides function, and can even solve problems.

If you have an old couch or chair, or a piece of furniture the dog has chewed or cat has scratched, an attractive throw can cover these flaws, and make your design presentation seem like it was meant to be.

Add a throw to an old console table that needs a new finish, fold it down a table as a runner, or over that worn duvet, and you have a stylish solution to wear and tear problems.


A throw serves up double duty, because it can actually provide comfort and warmth when needed, not just drape gorgeously on your reading chair.

Much of design stems from the function needed in a particular space or setting.  Anytime you are accomplishing aesthetic appeal with utility, your design skills have reached a new level.  The throw is the easiest tool to use as a designer and satisfy both demands.


With so many options from chenille to fur, to cotton and wool and beyond, a throw offers countless style options that suit your personality as well as your room’s traits.  Change out one throw for another, and witness a space transformation from a simple exchange.

Bring in any color you need in a setting, or calm a colorful setting with white or black.  Throws can also be folded or draped for formal or casual looks, and give you the most flexibility for your design whimsy and experimentation.


Are you tired of looking at that really old—polyester, mauve and taupe floral print comforter that you needed from your grandmother years ago, but now it’s even more worn and out of date with kids and pets all over it for years?

These comforters are pretty typical to find everywhere, especially in those beds in a bag packages on the shelves at stores.

You might even have an old down comforter that has seen its better days, but still has the function and comfort you need. 

You don’t have to buy a new one!  And you don’t have to look at mauve and taupe anymore.  All you need is a duvet cover to go over anything unsightly, and dramatically change the look of your bedroom.

A simple, cotton duvet is clean, fresh and modern. 

Choosing white can not only brighten your space and make it seem like a well cared for room, but can be easy to clean and change out often.

Of course, white is crisp and goes with anything, but your options with color are endless to blend into your room décor theme.

You can keep the bed monochromatic, alternate color on the pillows only, or go with any patterned duvet as well.

Instead of thinking you need a bedroom makeover, simply change your duvet cover or cover an old blanket or comforter, and you just made the easiest home décor change around!

Bed Skirt

For a new look or style in your bedroom, the one place that gets missed often is the bed skirt.

It’s taken for granted, because it is hidden down underneath your comforter or duvet, or your bed can be bear and empty there, and you’ve never used a bed skirt or thought you needed one.

The other common use of a bed skirt manifests through the bed in a bag package, and you put it on your bed, because it came with everything else in that bag.

This is usually a very matchy-matchy look, that doesn’t let your design personality and style show through in any way.  Your own custom application of a bed skirt in your bedroom says a lot about you.  A custom bed skirt means you thought about it, and made a stylish effort.

Don’t go throw away that bed in a bag bed skirt though.  You can actually use that away from the matchy-matchy in another room for its own custom look.

There are so many styles in a bed skirt now that you can really get a look you want, and the nice thing is that you can always change it easily.

If you’re thinking of just a solid color on your bed skirt to match a print or pattern on the bed, you could add a pleated or ruffled style for more interest.  If you’re thinking about adding a pattern or stripe to your skirt, you may want to pair it with a white duvet or comforter.

Think of your bed skirt as if it were an accessory to your outfit, like a really good piece of jewelry or a great pair of shoes.  It’s that finishing piece and speaks to your style, taste and design voice in an unexpected way.

Affordable Décor: Outdoor Rug Solution

An outdoor rug is rarely thought of as indoor décor, but the durability, quality and countless style options make it a perfect and affordable decor solution.


Many outdoor rugs are quite attractive actually, and can blend into your room décor nicely.  Typically, you need your floor rug to blend into your color combination, or maybe you want it to pop and contrast.  A floor rug is that one piece in a room that can really tie everything together. 

It’s a large piece, has a big impact and can look expensive.


Nowadays, the factory made rugs can appear to look like the hand woven Persian ones.  Well, they’re not exactly Persian of course, but the look and feel can be pretty close, and when you’re saving thousands of dollars on the synthetic versions, it’s much easier to justify the lack of authenticity.

The outdoor rug is even less expensive than these synthetic versions, and when you can cover a 10X12 space for under $200, that is carrying your dollar far.


The other plus with outdoor rugs is that they are durable.  They are made for the exterior weather, and that beating from your kids is equal or worse than the beating sun, wind or rain. 

When you know you’ll have a lot of traffic in an area, the outdoor rug can take that abuse better, and you didn’t spend a fortune to see it get damaged over time. Replacing the cost of an outdoor rug is much cheaper, and the life and use of it give you a lot for your money.

If you’re selling your house and need it polished, presentable and staged.  An outdoor rug is your perfect choice.  You’ll have more traffic than usual in your house, and you won’t worry about the wear and tear.

Some good sources for finding affordable outdoor rugs are HomeGoods, Overstock and Worldmarket.

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