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How to Choose A Paint Palette for Your Kitchen?

by Simple Happy Home

When it comes to choosing paint colors for your kitchen, you may feel lost in the variety of shades. Yet, once you know what colors work best in the kitchen and in what way they affect the mood and the room’s design, the choice becomes much easier.

Questions that will help you choose colors for the kitchen

1. What mood are you trying to create?

2. What’s the overall design of your home?

3. What are the areas where you can incorporate some color? It’s hardly possible to choose the right color for walls, for instance, without taking into consideration all the other areas. Typically, you will need to coordinate the colors of your walls with the cabinets, countertops, and backsplash. One more thing that homeowners often overlook is the color of the appliances.

4. What cabinets are you going to use? If you want to buy new cabinets, do it prior to choosing your paint color. You need to try several colors on the walls, close to the cabinets. In that way you make sure there is harmony between them. Colorful cabinets require neutral walls, while white cabinets give you more freedom.

5. What color are your countertop and appliances? If the countertop has an intricate pattern, you might want to choose less vivid paint colors for the walls. A neutral or natural-colored countertop (classic marble or butcher-block-style wood, for instance) suggests more flexibility.

6. Are you going to sale your home in the nearest future? If yes, then it makes sense to steer clear from bold shades and stick to more traditional ones.

Colors that work best in kitchens

White is a crisp and energizing color, so it will make the kitchen a great room to start your day in. It will “wake” you up. Also, white walls enable you to choose brighter shades for the furniture.

One more color that can make a perfect background is gray. However, you need to be careful choosing the right shade so as to make sure it pairs beautifully with other colors you use.

Red can stimulate appetite, so it is often chosen for kitchens. Yet, if any of your family members tends to put on weight, red would be a cruel choice. Yellow makes any room more cheerful. It is perfect for small spaces. Green has a lot of very attractive shades, capable of creating a variety of moods.

Light blue looks clean, it can be used not only for walls and cabinets, but even for the ceiling. Don’t overdo with light blue, as it tends to overpower the space. Dark blue can also be beneficial, provided you pair it with neutral tones like white or gray.

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